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Should DeSantis fight fair with Trump, even if Trump doesn't fight fair in return?

Trump may be about to be indicted and arrested, DeSantis comes to his defense - sort of

Dan reflects on the historic nature of a potential indictment and arrest of Donald Trump by Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) voices a defense of the former President, with an important caveat on the merits.

Adeline authors amazing acronym definition of 'woke' in her one-day cameo filling in from law school

Pressed into duty, with the stroke of a pen, Adeline creates a fantastic definition of 'woke' in the form of an acronym - 'Weaponized Opinions of Know-It-All Extremists,' with a little help from Dan.

Dan and Ryan offer up their definitions of 'woke'; Freda Miklin, The Villager on Denver mayoral debate

Dan has generated his working definition of 'woke,' and Ryan also offers his input. Callers submit their ideas as well, and Dan asks Ryan his definition of 'ego' as well.

Dr. Catherine Wheeler, American Assoc. of Pro-Life OB-GYNS; Did DeSantis step in it on Ukraine?

Dr. Catherine Wheeler was once an OB-GYN who performed mid-term abortions during the second trimester of pregnancies on fetuses with abnormalities - but saw the light of the life movement midway through a procedure and has led the pro-life cause since. Also, Dan and Ryan discuss whether Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) made a misstep in calling the war in Ukraine 'a territorial dispute.'

Phone number changes, March Madness begins; Jeff Hunt, Centennial Institute on our abortion 'Death Star'

Dan finally gets his wish with a new phone number for the show's callers. March Madness begins in earnest with two big upsets that has Ryan amped up. Jeff Hunt, Centennial Institute compares Colorado's status as a haven for abortion to the Death Star of the Empire in Star Wars - for which Dan wants original credit.

Maureen West, Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center on radical new abortion legislation in Colorado General Assembly

The pro-life movement in Colorado continues its quest to fight for the choice of life for pregnant women, and attorney Maureen West - member of the board of directors for the Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center - is helping lead that effort.

Callers react to Tuesday's conversation with Mandy Connell, who chose to leave the GOP

Callers were apparently just getting started on Tuesday reacting to Mandy Connell's departure from the Republican party in Colorado, as more react on Wednesday in both support and opposition to her decision. What is the path forward to victory in Colorado and nationwide in the GOP?

Is Colorado no longer a good place to raise your kids? Mandy Connell, KOA on why she left the GOP

Citing a recent KDVR Fox 31 story which revealed a study showing Denver ranking as the worst city to raise a family, Dan ponders whether he and his wife Aimee would leave Colorado if their kids were toddlers instead of in their twenties. Mandy Connell, 850 KOA host, joins Dan to detail why she defected from the Republican party after Dave Williams won election as the state's GOP chair.

Marcie Little, Executive Director - Colorado for Life; James Rosen on new book 'Scalia; Rise to Greatness, 1936 to 1986'

Marcie Little, executive director of Colorado for Life, details draconian efforts by Colorado Democrats to prevent women from accessing abortion reversal drugs in a new round of pro-abortion legislation introduced in the Colroado General Assembly. James Rosen, chief White House correspondent for Newsmax, has authored a new biography on the first half-century of iconic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's life - 'Scalia: Rise to Greatness, 1936 to 1986.' He joins Dan to provide context and background for the research he conducted while writing the book, in a quest to find out what made Scalia the legal giant that he was.