Schumer: Senate Must Conduct Fair Impeachment Trial

Congressional Lawmakers Briefed On Situation In Iran And Iraq

Congressional Lawmakers Briefed On Situation In Iran And Iraq

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says the Senate must conduct a fair impeachment trial. 

Speaking on the Senate floor, Schumer again called for witnesses and documents that have been withheld by the White House. Republican leaders have made no commitments about witnesses and documents. Schumer called it a weighty and vital matter. The House is expected to vote tomorrow to formally send two articles of impeachment to the Senate. 

The House impeached President Trump before Christmas for abusing power and obstructing Congress in the investigation of the Ukraine scandal. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been withholding the articles of impeachment over concerns about how the Senate would handle the trial, and whether it will be fair. The Senate trial will determine whether Trump is removed from office. That's a highly unlikely outcome in the Republican-led Senate.

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