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Senator-Elect Eric Schmitt (R-MO) on Confronting Fauci

CLAY: We head now, great state of Missouri, Attorney General Eric Schmitt there. He will soon be the next senator from the state of Missouri. We appreciate him spending time with us. And Eric, you soon-to-be-senator, current attorney general, got Dr. Fauci for a seven-hour deposition. Now, I have read some of the coverage of this deposition. It appears that Fauci couldn’t recall any details, said he didn’t remember very frequently. How would you assess the seven-hour deposition? What did you learn? What did you think of Fauci? Take us into that experience.

SEN.-ELECT SCHMITT: Yeah, so, I guess the best way to describe it is for somebody who proclaimed that, you know, “I am the science,” you know, his middle name was, “I don’t recall.” That would probably be the best way to describe it. So a lot of for somebody who, you know, the seminal moment of his career where, you know, he sort of ushered in this covered tyranny, there’s a lot of things that that he didn’t quite recall, but there were some really interesting, I think, things to unpack from the deposition. One, if you start with the sort of the outbreak, right, and when people start to learn about this, he becomes aware of it.

I think he’s very sensitive to gain-of-function research. There is not supposed to be gain-of-function research. People are kind of pulling away from that. But certainly gain-of-function research was being funded by NIH at the Wuhan lab. Right. And so almost immediately they go into spin mode to discredit that. So he on February 1st, for example, February of 2020 is kind of the big month where they move very quickly to discredit the lab leak theory, even though there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that that’s actually what happened, that this didn’t come from some animal reservoir.

But he saw at least five drafts — five drafts — of a study that seeks to debunk it, acted like he was sort of unaware of it, not a part of this process. But he’s on podcasts in February calling it a conspiracy theory. He’s already kind of poisoning the well of the lab leak theory. And you can only surmise, right, because he knew that this would come back on him, and it couldn’t have been the lab leak theory because we were funding gain-of-function research. And it’s also very clear that the Wuhan lab didn’t have the proper security protocols to be doing this.

And that’s, I think, another reason why they would have sought to dismiss the lab leak theory as a conspiracy theory. And then that, of course, leads into the… You know, the reason why we’ve got the deposition the first place is we are alleging in our lawsuit that big government was colluding with Big Tech to censor speech. And that means Fauci’s office’s communications team working with Big Tech platforms to deplatform people to censor content. And that’s kind of the overarching theme of the lawsuit. But getting these facts into evidence is really important.

So you got the you got the lab leak. He sends over one of his chief lieutenants, Dr. Lane, goes over with a WHO crew in February, comes back, lauding it, complimenting the Chinese extreme lockdown measures. And so this is something that Fauci supported. You see everything that’s happening right now in China, but I think it’s interesting to note the timing of all this. They were very supportive of the most extreme kind of lockdowns you could possibly have, which of course, were a disaster to the extent we had them.

They would have been even worse if we had what was going on in China, where people locking people in their homes. And I think one other thing to note is on the masks. I mean, in the deposition he is… In 2020, he is emailing a friend of his telling her that masks are ineffective. That’s, you know, in February, March 31st. This is confirmed with a bunch of different studies. On April 4th, he proclaims that masks are unnecessary, mandates follow, lives are ruined, and covid tyranny is born. So, I think what’s true in a seven-hour deposition in between the, “I don’t recalls” — there’s some really important information about what he knew about the lab leak the steps he took to discredit that what he knew about masks, the steps he took to gain more power and control as the guy in the white coat dictating to the 300-plus million Americans how they should live their lives. It’s very concerning stuff. But we did get some meaningful information out of that —

BUCK: Yeah. Okay. AG Schmitt, I’m wondering, what did you find about the actual collusion on that side. You said that’s the basis for the for the website colluding with social media —


BUCK: I’m sorry, for the lawsuit. “Website.” Colluding with social media companies to censor freedom of speech, right? What have you gotten on that front? We were just talking about it looks like there could be a major escalation against free speech by Apple — the company, the global behemoth — in the midst of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. What did you find when it comes to collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech on the issue of covid?

SEN.-ELECT SCHMITT: Yeah. So one of the things that’s interesting about this lawsuit is typically what had happened, people had filed lawsuits against the social media companies. Those lawsuits always ended up in the northern district of California, never to see the light of day. Our lawsuit that we filed against the Biden administration is unique because we’re suing the government. We’re suing basically the Biden administration for colluding with Big Tech, which is why we’ve been able to you know, they’re essentially outsourcing their censorship. So there’s a couple of interesting things that have come to light.

One, there were weekly censorship meetings with the Biden administration, U.S. officials with these social media platforms. I mean, weekly calls about who to censor and what content to censor. There was a special portal that the government had to go directly to, you know, Twitter and Facebook. There’s a high-ranking Facebook official that was text messaging the surgeon general of the United States saying, “Hey, we did what you wanted us to do. What more can we do to censor speech?” This all kind of came to light — we filed this lawsuit in May — around the time, you know, this ministry of Truth, this Orwellian effort, was kind of becoming more and more known.

But there’s a lot of information out there that we’ve discovered through the written discovery in this lawsuit of what they’ve actually done, and here with Fauci in particular, his communications team, his office is working directly with Instagram and Twitter to take down accounts. Now, whatever you think about social media platforms being able to do that on their own — I mean, that’s highly suspicious in the first place, but — one thing we know for certain, the government can’t do that, right? The First Amendment protects the government from, you know, outsourcing this what would normally be illegal to private companies, and that’s exactly what was happening. That’s what we’re uncovering in the lawsuit, and that’s what led us to the deposition of Anthony Fauci.

CLAY: Where does this go? So, I’m glad that you filed the lawsuit. You’re moving to the Senate soon. So you have a seven-hour deposition with Anthony Fauci. Buck and I have been covering this for years.


CLAY: We have zero doubt that there’s been massive colluding just based on our own experience, but also in the backgrounds of the stories, the people we’ve talked to, massive collusion since covid started between Big Tech and big government. Not to mention Joe Biden’s in office, probably because of that collusion. Not allowing the Hunter Biden laptop story for the New York Post to be spread in October of 2020. Where does this all go? What’s the outcome that to you would be an ideal one? What’s an outcome that would be a good one for people out there listening to us right now, what should they anticipate could come from this lawsuit?

SEN.-ELECT SCHMITT: Well, preventative measures to make sure this never happens again. One, an injunction to make it stop. And two, it could be like we filed the Remain in Mexico lawsuit, guys. So, all those reports about, you know, the number of illegal immigrants coming in seeking asylum. That information only became public because of our lawsuit. The injunction that we got, it forced them to actually come clean and be more transparent. That’s one thing that could come of all this. It’s interesting that you mentioned, by the way, the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Our next big deposition is with the FBI agent who has bragged about working with social media platforms on the Hunter Biden laptop story. So that’s the next piece to this. So, at a minimum here, I think exposing all of this is should be shocking, and I don’t care what your… I mean, I’m obviously a conservative Republican, but whatever your political stripe is, this ought to scare the bejesus out of everybody in this country — everybody in this country — that these kind of tactics are being used by the government to work with some of the biggest companies on the planet to make sure your voice is never heard. I mean, that’s what we’re uncovering and I think get resolution here.

CLAY: We’re talking to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, soon to be a senator from Missouri. I’m reading Julie Kelly, who is a friend of the show. She’s been on with us a lot. She tweeted about 5 hours ago — and this is a quote from a reporter:

Did that happen?

SEN.-ELECT SCHMITT: It did (chuckles), and I should have led with that because it’s actually unbelievable. He wanted the court reporter to wear a mask because she sneezed. She said that she had allergies. And if you think about that, guys, the mentality in November of 2022, that somebody would sneeze and a person in his position would want them to wear a mask? That person who has that kind of disposition (laughing) was in charge of shutting down our schools and forcing kids to wear a mask!

I mean, it was very revealing. It was almost like an out-of-body experience to watch this happening in that room. But that’s absolutely true. It did happen. I tweeted about it, I think, on Friday or Saturday. And it just goes to show, I think, the mentality. And like I said, all of this covid tyranny was born from these folks who basically knew what happened at the Wuhan lab, they knew masks didn’t work, but they stood out there because they wanted more and more power and control, and it devastated livelihoods and lives along the way.

BUCK: A.G. Schmitt, appreciate you being with us. Thanks so much.

SEN.-ELECT SCHMITT: Any time, guys.

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