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There Must Be a Reckoning for the Covid Vaccine Fraud

CLAY: Now, Buck, this is not gonna surprise you. We’ve talked about this before — Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are what the United States might have well have ended up with if one of two things had been the case: If we didn’t have federalism, or if Ron DeSantis wasn’t the governor of Florida.

BUCK: I think it might have even been able to override federalism. I think without Florida, they — all the dominoes fall.

CLAY: So we’ve argued — and I do it’s true — that the most consequential governor’s election in most of our lives — and we didn’t know it at the time — may well have been 2018 Florida, because Andrew Gillum came within 30,000 votes of being the governor of Florida. And I think he would have locked down Florida, assuming he wasn’t imprisoned or involved in gay sex orgies, maybe he still would have been. But I think he would have locked down Florida like New York got locked down, like California got locked down, like so many blue states and blue cities did.

So Canada is now offering a fifth covid shot. You can’t get into Canada unless you have had the covid shot. So my father-in-law lives across the Detroit river down on Grosse Ile, for those of you who know the Detroit, Michigan, area, you can see Canada from across the Detroit river where he lives. He’s got a boat, little boat you can jot over, you can hang out in Canada a little bit, just phone it in. I’m not even allowed to cross into Canada because I haven’t gotten the covid shot. They have gone completely — and we’ve got a lot of Canadian listeners, and we know all of you are experiencing this right now. A fifth shot, Buck.

And, by the way, the fifth shot should certainly take care of it. The first four didn’t. “Five is the right number. It’s always been the right number. ” Of course I’m joking. When does this end? When will there be a number — because there are a lot of sheep that are rolling up their sleeves. Justin Trudeau is gonna be out there with his shirtsleeve rolled up getting that fifth shot, arguing that all the sheep have to do the fifth shot. What is the number, Buck, where people will finally say, you know what I’m not lining up and going to get another booster?

BUCK: We’re two years away, in my estimation, from everybody who pushed all this stuff as though they were saving lives, everyone who pushed the maniacal, idiotic, anti-scientific policies of two weeks to slow the spread, to lockdowns, to masking outdoors, masking indoors, masking on planes, masking children, shutting down schools, mandatory vaccine, get fired from your job, vaccine passports. The people who did all of that, which was atrocious and wrong, and they should be ashamed. Within two years they’ll be like, “Yeah, that was a crazy time when that stuff was going on. Man, what was that all about?”

It’s gonna take time. It’s gonna fade out. This is often the case with authoritarianism. People just — it just collapses under its own absurdity over time when people just realize, this isn’t something that they’re going to enforce and I don’t actually have to do this anymore. But there’s a lot of people that still choose, and that’s why it’s gonna take some time.

CLAY: What do you think the number is? It is kind of funny, and we’ve been — you’ve probably seen — some of you out there have seen, like, with the 10th shot you get a free, you know, Subway or you get a free smoothie, like, all those loyalty reward cards where you would get ’em stamped and, like, on the 10th one you’d get a free one. I mean, we’re at five. How — like, how long are people still going — like, six is certainly going to —

BUCK: There is — I would say 20% of the United States population has decided that they are — and they’re also the ones who are magically the most likely to have Ukraine flags.

CLAY: Yeah, right.

BUCK: The most likely to share their pronouns when nobody asks for them. The most likely to think AOC is intelligent. Twenty percent of Americans, I think at this point —

CLAY: You think they’ll go to 10?

BUCK: I think they will get a shot — they will get a series, even, two shots a year, every year until their 10th shot. And then think the mockery from people like you and me will finally be enough for them to just start to fade out from it, right?

CLAY: So you think there will be guys going to 10? Am I being too aggressive — ’cause you heard yesterday we had Alex Berenson on. I’d encourage you to go listen to that. He was on with us in the third hour. And I said, I think we should have criminal investigations of the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson CEOs, the larger corporate apparatus, to find out when they knew that these shots were not effective like we know that they are and how much fraud they propagated onto the American public.

BUCK: See, this is the problem. They’re gonna say they weren’t committing fraud; they were wrong. And they’re going to say it’s not — I’m just saying this, and every — you know, this is the when I told everybody you’re never gonna find a judge who’s gonna throw out votes even that are illegal for the 2020 election ’cause they won’t do it. I’m just telling you the truth. And that was the truth, by the way. The judges wouldn’t even take up legitimate election challenges.

You’re not going to find any aspect of the legal process I think that is going to be willing to punish any of these Big Pharma companies because they did it at the explicit instruction of the federal government. Operation Warp Speed, my friends, we funded this with our taxpayer dollars. Some of this was done under a Republican, Donald Trump’s time in office. Now, we knew a lot less then. He deserves, I should say, far less criticism, a fraction of the criticism for this because we didn’t have the data. The Democrats saw the data and said, we don’t care. We like this. Mask up or else. The Democrats were psychopaths about this. In the spring of 2020 it was, oh, my gosh. This is really scare. What are we gonna do? Was a different understanding of what we were facing. But the big pharma companies, Clay, they were indemnified. I mean, this is the biggest fraud, and it was perpetrated against us by our own government. And people begged for the government to perpetuate the fraud!

CLAY: What I believe should happen here is I think the Republicans — it’s not gonna be signed by Biden. Certainly gonna take back the House — should introduce a bill guaranteeing everybody their jobs back and also getting them paid for back pay if you lost your jobs over covid. Why I think there could be a fraud claim here. Buck, I think they should also introduce a bill saying, we want all of your profits returned the United States government or we’re going to allow plaintiff’s attorneys to sue you, we’re gonna remove your protection against lawsuits. Because you have behaved fraudulently. And here’s where I think the fraud is, Buck. I think there was knowledge that these shots were not working, when the CEOs and their corporate spokespeople continued to say publicly that there were. And I think if you did a deep dive investigation on it, what you would find is they had data proving that what they were saying publicly was not supported by what the private data —

BUCK: So I think what you are saying is true.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: I think the problem, though, is going to be a verse of what we saw with Russia collusion whereby — and I know that seems like, what could the pharma companies have to do with the FBI and the deep state? They will say, well, it was our call, it was in our purview to make the determination. And basically we’re so stupid that we got it that wrong. So in the case of the FBI, it’s we’re so dumb that we actually believed that Carter Page —

CLAY: It’s not fraud; it’s incompetence.

BUCK: It’s not fraud. It’s incompetence. Exactly right. And I think that’s what ultimately the pharma companies will say, oh, there’s so much noise, so much data. We did — unless you can get, to your point, the CEO, you know, Albert Bourla being like (impression) “This is the most crap vaccine in the history of vaccines —

CLAY: Which I think if he were on —

BUCK: — this vaccine to my dog, and I hate my dog.” Unless you get Albert Bourla doing that, they’re never gonna face consequences.

CLAY: I think he would say it. And, Buck, what I would say is, at some point extreme incompetence in a plaintiff context lawsuit becomes negligence. Right? So if you are so incompetent, you’re like, “Hey, I’m not responsible for this accident in the car. I was just, you know, like, a bad driver at that point in time.” The negligence itself becomes difficult. Now, criminally, yes, criminally incompetence is a defense. But in a civil lawsuit that was seeking to disgorge profits in conjunction with also with a potential criminal investigation, I think the negligence standard from these companies would be reach. And that’s why I’ve always been one of the most nervous things about getting the shots. I said, “Hey, if these shots are so safe, why do we have to promise all these drug companies…”

BUCK: Why have to indemnify? Why they have to get total protection from. Whenever these things happen — again, I like these kind of — these analogies that are a stretch but they make the point. You know there was something ultrashady in the initial Epstein plea bargain in Florida — actually was a federal attorney — you know, federal prosecutor — because it was for a future coconspirators that weren’t even named? That’s in a plea bargain? That’s crazy.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: You know there’s something shady with a shot that’s so super-duper-duper safe that the government also has to say, “Don’t worry, shot makers, you cannot be sued no matter what. This can make people grow a third head and turn their noses blue, you can’t be sued for this.”

CLAY: And just think about it.

BUCK: I just, by the way, a second head. Third head would be really weird. But, you know what I mean.

CLAY: Outside of the context of the drug shot itself, imagine that you went into a bar to get a beer and you set down at the bar and they said, “Yeah, you can have a beer. But before you have that beer can — I want you to sign a waiver of liability in the event that this beer’s not safe.”

BUCK: I mean, our breweries had a few issues here and there. We got a little bit of a vermin problem. Just sign this release before you have this beer. It’s totally safe.

CLAY: Would you ever drink a beer in a bar that you had to give a release or, frankly —

BUCK: I won’t even go into restaurants that get a B for their health inspection grade here in New York City. I see that, and I go ew.

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