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Biden’s Covid Czar Is Still Lying to Us

CLAY: Ashish Jha, who is basically the covid czar now in the Biden White House, I want you to listen to this. He is still saying that if everybody got covid shots, that covid would basically go to zero deaths. This is a lie, but this is what he is still saying today. Listen.

CLAY: Just not true, Buck.

BUCK: How much more wrong can it be? I mean, let’s unpack for a second what he says. First of all, the fact that he’s talking about misinformation here. “If everybody was up to date on their vaccines and people got treated with Paxlovid as they’re supposed.” As they’re supposed to! By the way, Paxlovid is expensive, it doesn’t work that well.

CLAY: We just saw Joe Biden got treated with it —

BUCK: — rebound —

CLAY: — for two weeks.

BUCK: He had a rebound infection after taking it, that’s how amazing Paxlovid is. I’m not saying it has no use. But, folks, we all understand, flu shots — what’s the flu drug that they give people, Tamiflu? It kind of works to reduce symptoms for a couple of days if you start right away when you get it. It’s not a silver bullet. Nobody thinks it’s a silver bullet for the flu. So we understand some of these dynamics what we’ve already known in medicine for a long time.

But, Clay, if everybody’s up to date on their vaccines, notice this is just propaganda. What is up to date now? Four shots? If you haven’t —

CLAY: Soon to be five.

BUCK: Four shots or is it five shots?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: And also, when they say up to date, even if there’s a two-month gap, let’s say, right? Even if there’s a two-month gap in your up-to-dateness, you’re gonna get covid, then, right? So what’s the difference?

CLAY: And a lot of the people that are dying with covid are — let me emphasize this — right now dying with covid. He’s still not even looking at the data. He’s correct that we’re still counting four or five hundred people as dying with covid. Buck, you and I have been talking about this for a long time. Many of those people dying with covid are dying with three or four additional comorbidities.

So the idea that it would go to zero is not true because we know that covid — just use Joe Biden as an example, use Jill Biden, use the CEO of Pfizer, use secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, these are all people that in the last week, essentially, have let it be known that they’ve got covid despite the fact they got two covid shots and double boosters. If those people, if Joe Biden died in a bicycle accident, route, if he fell again and he hit his head and he died, while he had covid, he would be a covid death. And so this idea that the covid deaths would go to zero, no, ’cause covid is still going to be spreading widely. This is the data they won’t share with us. Buck, the reality is a lot of people dying now who have covid when they die have been double vaxxed for covid, and some of them have also been double boostered. And this idea that you’re not gonna die if you get the covid shots is 100 percent not true and 100 percent not supported by data.

BUCK: By the way, they had about 10,000 flu deaths in 2021 while we were going through all this. No one even talks about that. We have not been able to conquer these diseases. They continue to spread. We do not have cures. This vaccine was held forward as a cure. It is at best, at best a short-term therapeutic that if you listen to Alex — and I think everybody who knows this, all the people that have been, you know, riding with us from the beginning, Clay, know last summer, we were having Alex on when he was persona non grata even among a lot of conservatives. All of a sudden he wasn’t really getting — you know, people are saying, “Oh, he’s too far on the vaccine.” He was a hundred percent right on the vaccine. And what did he say yesterday? There is solid data showing an increased likelihood of infection, not of death, but of infection again with covid, depending on whether you’ve gotten your fourth shot. Now, that’s his analysis, his data. I say we take the people seriously who have been right all along instead of the people who have been wrong like Ashish Jha here, the covid coordinator for the White House who’s like, yeah, six feet of social distancing, about that.

CLAY: So everything they told us is wrong?

BUCK: Yep, basically. Totally wrong. And notice that they’re such cowards. Doctor Jha is such a political coward that he won’t even say, “Okay, guys, look…” And people say — they yell at me when I say this who are on my team, ’cause they say masks inside don’t work too. And I say I know, but we gotta push back, you know, layer by layer here. Masks outside are worthless beyond anyone’s comprehension otherwise, right? I mean, masks outside are a freaking joke. And Fauci won’t say it, Jha won’t say because, for the people who are the true believers it would be, “But you told us the mask outside would keep us safe. You told us that” — you know, as their testosterone levels for the guy have dropped down into Stelter level, they just are terrified.

CLAY: You don’t want to go to Stelter level. I just would love to know the data on, to your point, what Alex shared with us, about getting the covid shots making you more likely to actually get covid based on some data. I would like to know that. And what’s so frustrating to me about the CDC is we don’t have that data. If you’ve gotten four covid shots, it certainly seems like there’s a lot of people who’ve gotten four covid shots who are testing positive for covid.

I mean, just in the last week it seems like there are a lot of people in the public eye who were pending in that situation. Does that actually make you more likely? Will they ever tell you? This is why I think we need fraud lawsuits because a lot of times the only way that we get the truth when it comes to these big companies or these big governments is if there are criminal or civil fraud investigations, which is what I think we need surrounding these covid shots now.

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