Man Caught On Camera Stealing Louisiana Farmer's Chickens

A farmer in New Orleans is looking for answers after a man was caught on camera stealing all of his chickens from the coop.

One day the six hens were there, the farmer said, the next they were all gone. When the farmer checked his surveillance video, he expected to see an animal taking the fowls; instead, he saw a man opening the door and stealing each hen.

"Oh it's violating," said the farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous. "Losing chickens is part of having chickens, but when you know that a person came in and did it, it feels worse."

Under Louisiana law, theft of livestock could be met with multiple penalties, including a $5,000 fine and/or imprisonment with or without hard labor for up to 10 years, according to Fox 8. The farmer filed a claim with New Orleans Police, but doesn't expect his chickens to be returned. He does, however, hope that the thief can be identified.

"I would love to have my chickens back, but the odds of getting them back is pretty slim," he said. "I think the best that I can hope for is that maybe somebody will recognize the man in the photograph and he'll be publicly shamed.

Photo: Getty Images