VIRGINIA GOVERNOR NORTHAM bans 2nd amendment rights, weapons on Capitol ...

< br />BlazeTV Host of The White House Brief, Jon Miller, gives an update to the current situation unfolding in Virginia. Because there's no electoral college in the state's elections, heavily populated northern Virginia (which includes areas just outside of the very liberal D.C.) determines the state representatives -- even if those elected leaders do not reflect the majority of the state's populous. That's how leaders like Democratic Governor Northam gain power, and that's how strict gun laws are enacted -- something Virginia citizens have recently decided they'd like to fight. But when Northam, and other state legislators, caught wind of the protest, the governor banned all citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights at the state Capitol. His reasoning? He says white supremacists and those on the radical right are planning to attend the rally...but he gave ZERO mention of Antifa or those on the radical left. Miller says Northam is making a political point, escalating the situation, rubbing salt in the wound, and effectively lumping all law abiding citizens under the "radical" umbrella.

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