Watch: Romanian Skier Chased by Bear

A young man skiing in Romania got quite the scare over the weekend when a bear emerged from some nearby woods and began chasing him down the mountain. According to a local media report, the unsettling incident occurred this past Saturday at a resort in the community of Predeal. As some guests were riding the ski lift at the site, they spotted a skier being pursued by a bear and promptly sprung into action, warning him about the worrisome predicament.

Exhorting him to ski faster, the witnesses warned the man that he was being chased by a bear and declared "God forbid, don't look back!" With the message being received, the skier smartly decided to ditch his backpack in the midst of the chase, which drew the animal's attention away from him and allowed him to escape the situation unscathed. More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.