Pakistani Airline Crew Spots 'Foo Fighter'

The crew of an airliner flying over Pakistan were bewildered when they looked out the window and spotted an odd white orb that some have likened to the legendary Foo Fighter phenomenon of World War II. The eerie incident reportedly occurred over the weekend as a plane was flying at approximately 35,000 feet off the coast of the country near the city of Karachi. According to an individual familiar with the case, the pilot had just begun to turn the airliner as part of its route when he noticed "this brilliant white round object above and to the right of the aircraft."

Fortunately, one of the people in the cockpit managed to capture the oddity on film using their cell phone. In the video, one of the witnesses can be heard exclaiming that "it's not a balloon. It's not an aircraft." A general sense of confusion seems to descend upon the cabin and the group watches the object while muttering more than a few colorful phrases which convey their mystification at the strange scene.

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