Spooky Elsa Doll 'Haunts' Houston Family

Opening themselves up to an endless amount of 'Let It Go' jokes, a family in Houston says that they were stuck with a spooky Elsa doll that kept mysteriously reappearing at their house when they tried to throw it away. The very strange saga reportedly began back in December of 2013 when Emily Madonia's daughter received the talking Frozen princess toy for Christmas. Two years later, they were left scratching their heads when the phrases uttered by the doll suddenly and inexplicably began alternating between Spanish and English, even though there was no button on the toy to make such an effect happen.

Despite the toy's puzzling bilingual transformation, the family held onto the doll until a few weeks ago when they decided that it was time to, yes, let it go. However, that's when things took a rather weird turn as their first attempt to throw it away saw the doll somehow wind up back in their home inside of a bench. "The kids insisted they didn’t put it there," Madonia told a local TV station, "and I believed them because they wouldn't have dug through the garbage outside." Adding yet another bizarre layer onto the story, as can be seen in the video below, the doll now only spoke Spanish.

More on this weird story, including the drastic steps the family took to finally get rid of the doll, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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